Just before Christmas, on a whim, my wife and I happened to see Travelocity’s Roaming Gnome for sale at our local Meijer’s store. He wasn’t too expensive. If I recall correctly, he cost less than $20. We both had the same idea; would it not be fun to include him in our family photos and/or videos while we travel? Much like how he is portrayed in Travelocity’s adverts.

So he was bought, as I said, on a whim. So far, we have only included him in some of our photos of our Christmas tree. Unfortunately, we left him at home when we went on a short vacation to Wisconsin last week.

I have been giving this some thought, off and on. Maybe I can create a Facebook fan page of some sort where people from all over can post photos that they have taken that include the Travelling Gnome. He doesn’t need to be at the fore-front of the photo, so long as he is visible somewhere in the photo… sort of like a “Where’s Waldo” but in this case “Where’s the Gnome?” That is optional of course. If you would rather have him in the fore-front, by all means.

My only problem is – how do I get something like this off the ground? How do I get people interested enough to buy a gnome and take it places much less include it in a photo? How do I spread the word of such a facebook page? or is this just a stupid idea? This is by no means a way of advertising for Travelocity; its just that he is so darn cute! and it would be fun.

What do you think? (Did you know that the Roaming Gnome has a Twitter page?)